About DJ RAJ : 

It all started about 15 years ago. I went to a party of a friend at Avlon, Hotel Bawa International, Airport, Mumbai. I came in intro of few DJs. I was in complete awe of how people danced to their tunes and the way they reacted to them.

Dj Raj has his own style of djing which is unique & addictive. His creation  are inspired  from his true love association with music. his raw energy & captivating talent have him a house hold name in Mumbai. He is in this industry from past ten years. He has won many “WAR OF DJs”. He is  well known DJ at National & International level. He has done many Page 3 & celebrities private parties. .

More on DJ RAJ…………..
 A self-made success icon frequently embossed on “Page 3” of various newspapers

 His masterpieces have always boomed in the popular clubs of the UK, the USA, Dubai and India.

 His energy-drink: creativity & passion

 His mantra: to make each event & occassion of life ...live with music & rhythm

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